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Berry Eggen





The Mothership is a revolutionary pocket synthesizer that I created for OWOW, which allows you to work together with others, share your work online and browse an endless stream of user generated content online! Within it’s small casing rests a playful, powerful, musical sketching device that allows for instant plug and play. The Mothership has builtin subtractive synth engines that are intuitive to use as well as a drum bank containing over 90 original drum sounds. Making loops and sound sketches can be done intuitively and quickly by pro users as well as beginners. 

The project originates from my passion in sound design and product design. The development of this project took place within the course of one year and started off with a research trajectory into the frustrations and needs of modern music producers and artists. Results from the research pointed out a lot of gaps in currently available music production tools as well as a need for better integrated collaborative production features. The Mothership is a first prototype that offers to bridge these gaps.


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