Creativity and Aesthetics

User and Society

Technology and Realization

Math, Data and Computing


2015-2016 (M11)


Berry Eggen

Saskia Bakker

Koen Beljaars

Fragile focusses on creating more awareness of time spent on a smartphone through three unique forms of materialistic tension. The concept came from a frustration with my personal smartphone usage. Users can connect their phones to the designs and the device will start tracking their daily on-screen time. The longer the users spend on their screens, the closer the objects behind the glass come to destruction. The aesthetics of the objects play with the idea of vulnerability in beautiful objects. The objects themselves are styled to look clinical, contrasting the highly destructive capabilities of the devices inside.

Each of the designs features a different form of a tension arc, each with it’s own destructive outcome. The first features an egg piercing guillotine which drops down slowly when users spend time on their smartphone. The second features a glass of red wine that is slowly toppled over on a perfect white handkerchief. The longer the on-screen time, the further the glass tilts. The third and last design features a strip of wood that is bent to and beyond it’s breaking point when users spend time on their smartphones.

This project was featured at the Dutch Design Week 2016.


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