Original Compositions

Original Foley and Sound Design

Auditory Installation Concept and Programming



Klanglicht Festival (Graz, Austria)



April, 2018



Phillip Ross

Together with Philip Ross I was asked to create an audiovisual installation on the Murinsel for Klanglicht Festival 2018. The Murinsel is a construction created by Vito Acconci in 2003 which lies in the middle of the Mur river in Graz, Austria. The concept for the installation was to enhance the sensation of the Mur river and create a sentiment of the passing of time when visitors would cross the island. We used hydrophones to take sounds from beneath the Mur river surface, and blend them with a set of eight unique soundscapes. The waves of light and sounds moved along the island over a series of carefully positioned speakers and led lamps to create a dreamlike spatial atmosphere.

Pictures by Alex Koch



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